Statement of Cooperation Form

GICAA Statement of Cooperation Form

  • Form must be complete and submitted to league office by August 12 of each school year.
  • GICAA, LLC member schools are expected to follow the rules and regulations stated in the GICAA, LLC manual. Administrators, headmasters, and/or principals are responsible for ensuring that athletic directors, coaches, and others working within the athletic department are in compliance with rules and regulations of athletic events. As a member school, we understand and pledge to cooperate in the following:

    1. The school, organization, headmaster, and coaches have read the GICAA, LLC manual and will ensure that our school or organization will stay in compliance with the GICAA, LLC policies and guidelines.
    2. Involved members will plan functions around the GICAA, LLC calendar so that no activities will interfere with the sports schedule, or regional and state playoffs.
    3. Members will pay all sport fees by due date set out by the GICAA, LLC calendar. Members will pay financial fines for any violations as outlined in the GICAA, LLC manual.
    4. Members will send representatives to all sports meetings as stipulated in the GICAA, LLC manual.
    5. Members will make sure all athletes are eligible in accordance within the GICAA, LLC manual.
    6. Members will make sure all forms are completed by the school/organization and submitted by due date stated on calendar of events.
    7. Members recognize that the GICAA, LLC is set up with a rules committee and a dispute committee. Members will abide by any decisions that are arrived by the two committees and the league office.
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